With the holidays coming up, that means lots of travel for families, so I wanted to share my top 5 tips for traveling on an airplane with my kids. Hopefully these will help make your flight a little smoother 🙂 Tip One: Amazon Kindle One Word: Kindle. Yes – I give my kid’s electronics on any flight and I am not sorry about it! I will do anything for an enjoyable flight, and man do
There are literally thousands of toys out there for toddlers, and while I feel like we have most of them (because my house is ALWAYS a mess), I have narrowed it down to our favorite ones that he seems to play the most with. Hopefully this will help anyone interested who needs to go from “Aunt” to “Cool Aunt” with some gift ideas 🙂   Ball of Whacks This sounds crazy, but this might be
Road Trip Young Kids
Surviving a long road trip with young kids is absolutely doable – believe it or not you can even make it enjoyable! I actually prefer to travel this way instead of a plane , as I can control my surroundings, I am not worried about impacting others and I am not bothered with delays or cancellations. At least if there is traffic, we can route around it or stop to take a break for a
Indoor Activities for Toddlers
On rainy days or times when I feel sluggish, unmotivated to get dressed or under the weather, I refuse to the leave the house. While this may sound easy, my active toddler gets bored of his toys quickly. I have come up with a few no fuss activities that I pull out for these days to keep him entertained with minimal effort from mama, that last part being key 🙂 Shaving cream paint This one is my
Favorite Toddler Books
My son loves story time, and I LOVE reading to him, mainly because it is the only time he will sit still and cuddle up with me! This kid moves…constantly! We read everyday before nap and bedtime, and I cherish those moments where he sits on my lap and I get to kiss his head. There are so many great children’s books out there, and we are on no short supply of books, but no
5 pieces of advice for new moms
Yesterday, I watched with tears in my eyes as my first born walked proudly across the stage and graduated from kindergarten. She looked so confident, beautiful and independent, and I couldn’t help but think, where has the time gone? I love watching her grow and flourish, but I can’t help but miss my tiny girl who needed her mommy for everything! I know everyone will tell you “It goes so fast”, and believe me, it does,
Non Sleepover Slumber Party Craft
My daughter is 5 right now, and currently obsessed with sleepovers. (I am not sure where this came from!?!) She is too young to actually sleepover at her friends house right now, but that can’t stop me from planning a great girls night for her and her friends. This past weekend we hosted an un-slumber party, also known as non sleepover or almost sleepover party. Here is how ours worked: The girls showed up in their PJ’s