Iceland, Geysir
Iceland is an indescribably beautiful country where my family and I enjoyed one of the best weeks together ever. I knew Iceland would blow me away, but I was shocked at how much my kids loved it as well! Surprisingly, the country is very family friendly and offers up a lot for kids to enjoy. While […]
Seljalandsfoss waterfall Iceland kid
So by now if you have read my other posts you are considering taking your children to Iceland – very exciting! I have covered what we did, what we wore, how we packed and why it was okay to travel in November to Iceland with kids. Here in this post, if you have committed to […]
Iceland’s weather is ever changing – wind, rain, snow, sun – so the task of packing for a family of four with a limited suitcase allowance was a challenge I grudgingly accepted 🙂 My main concern was making sure the kids were warm while not being uncomfortable or too restricted. I also tried to keep […]
Wow Airlines
When looking at our flight options to Iceland, we came across the discount carrier WOW airlines, and couldn’t ignore the low cost fares they were offering. After researching fares for over a week, they were our best option by several hundred dollars so we decided to give it a try! They are a no frills airline […]
I am sure when you think “family vacation”, Iceland isn’t on your list of places to visit. However, I am here to tell you it absolutely should be. Iceland is a welcoming and wonderful place for kids, even our toddler loved it! Our family vacation to Iceland was one of the best trips we have […]
Iceland has been on my bucket list for quite some time. Recently it has become more and more popular to visit, and after traveling to Iceland with my kids, I can absolutely see why. It might not be the first place you think of to take your children, especially a toddler, but I am here […]