About Me

So Hi! I’m Erin – the narrator, photographer, vacation planner and mom behind this blog. I currently call Tennessee home with my witty and loving husband and two utterly adorable kids. I absolutely love being a mom, and cherish this time while they are little.

Besides my family, I absolutely love to travel. That, along with throwing parties for family and friends to enjoy, are my favorite things to do. To help you understand the type of person behind this blog, here are some things about me:

  • I wear a lot of hats – mom, wife, daughter, sister, small business owner, blogger and friend. I am most always 10 minutes late and running from one thing to the next – but I prefer it that way.
  • I LOVE to travel, especially with my family. We typically travel once a month, varying from easy weekend trips to week long vacations that require airfare.  We love all kinds of travel – from international adventures to day trips within our state, Disney vacations to National Parks, and luxury hotels to camping.
  • I am extremely budget conscious – I hate paying full price. I like nice things, but I always try to find the best deals or ways to make something work, without sacrificing on the experience
  • I have been to 27 states, 13 countries and 4 continents- with stops like Argentina, France and Turkey.
  • I am a planner at heart but love to be spontaneous too. Quick weekend getaways made on the fly are sometimes the best.
  • I love to try new experiences & food, but you will probably never see me jump out of an airplane. (My husband is the risk taker, not me!)
  • I love to throw, plan, style and host parties. It makes me happy to have family and/or friends gathered together in one spot.
  • I love to craft and create – Pinterest is my second home.




What’s with the title?

Coloring the Map was born from the fact that we love to travel with our kids. Travelling together as a family allows us to not only create lasting memories with our kids, but it is the most raw, real and enjoyable time we spend together.

A common misconception is just because you have little kids means you have to stop traveling – I disagree wholeheartedly! Sure, it might require a few more bags and a little more prep, but in my opinion, not only is it more fun, but I truly enjoy being with my family! No matter what type of trip, my kids always gain something from it – they gain an appreciation for the beauty around them, they learn to respect cultures different from their own, or they learn to adapt to different situations thrown at them!

To keep the memories alive and continued learning, we bought a US coloring map and the kids (Easton’s is really my coloring skills) get to color a state in once we visit it. We talk about that state, its location, its cities, its landscape and we reminiscence on the memories created there. The maps hang up in our playroom, and at least once a week Emmie brings up a memory or fact about one of them.

We now have a map for Mom, Dad, Emmie and baby brother – and are excited to keep coloring them in. Added this year – an international map (pinch me – I’m so excited for our first family international trip)! I am hoping that each year that passes, we can color in at least one new state and one new country so we can continue to discover ourselves and this world!

This blog started out as mainly travel, but when friends kept asking for details on a craft I created or a drink recipe I made at a party, I decided to branch out and share it all. Coloring the map works for life as well…my “map” in life may not be set but my kids are coloring it full everyday.