My Favorite Ski Gear for Kids

Keystone Colorado

This past spring, we spent an entire month on the slopes in Colorado skiing our hearts out. While you want your kids to be comfortable and warm on the slopes, I do not want to spend a fortune either because lets face it, they grow like weeds so it will probably only last them one season. Below is what I decked my kids out in the hit the slopes.


Ski Clothes


  • Ski Bibs
  • Ski Jacket
  • Fleece Jacket or Pullover to go under ski jacket
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Mittens
  • Beanie/Hat
  • Ski socks
  • Waterproof boots


Easton’s Ski Set                                                               Easton’s Extra Ski Bibs                               Easton’s fleece he wore under his jacket


Easton’s Mittens                                                               Easton’s long underwear                                 Easton Boots



Emmie Boots                                                                          Emmie bibs                                                       Emmie Ski Socks

Ski Equipment – Helmet

Tip: If you are renting ski gear from the store or through ski school, most likely they will provide your child with a helmet. However, if you want to easily identify your kids, you might consider buying their own helmet in a bright color so you can spot them on the slopes. I bought a bright pink one for Emmie and a bright blue one for Easton from Amazon so I could pick them out from the mass of kids in ski school! I liked spying on them as they went down the slopes 🙂



Ski Equipment – Skis & Boots

So if you are only going for two or three days, I recommend renting your kids ski equipment as it will be cheaper. However, if you plan to go for a week, or maybe for several years in a row, it might be worth it to invest in some skis and boots for your kids. Since my kids were beginner skiers this year, I bought them each an adjustable boot set from so it could last them for two or three years as they grow. I found a good deal for the kids through Level Nine Sports so for the cost of renting for 5 days, it paid for itself. Worth it!

Easton’s Ski Set

Emmie’s Ski’s and Emmie’s Boot’s

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