Why we are on a 6 month road trip of the USA with our young kids

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Are we crazy?!? A 6 month road trip with two young kids?!? In short, yes, but I love it!!

So in case you haven’t heard, my husband and I decided to take our two young kids (ages 3 and 6) out on a 6 month road trip of the USA. We sold our house, most of our furniture, took our 1st grader out of school and hit the road about a month ago.  We left our comfortable routine, friends and home. Why??? Well honestly…why not?

But we didn’t just jump to this decision overnight. Nor did we make it lightly. Here is how we got there:

Travel takes a huge part of my heart – I love discovering new places, experiencing cultures and taking in the beauty of nature around us. I want to pass this love of travel onto my kids, so we started traveling with them when they were very young. After our trip to Iceland (in which everyone thought we were crazy for taking an 18 month old), we had the absolute best time together as a family. I love watching my kids eyes light up as we saw some of the most amazing sites. I love breaking the routine of our daily lives and living each day to its fullest. It was honestly the most pure, uninterrupted family time that brought me so much joy. So I started thinking, how can we get this quality time together more often?

So, for about 2 years that idea has been siting in the back of my mind. One night my husband and I were out to dinner and it just dawned on us… we have the flexibility to create our own way. My husband works from home and we didn’t have any family living in the area. Sure, we loved our town, our home we designed, our daughters school and had developed some incredible friendships – but we did have the aility to pick up and leave if we wanted too. We started talking about moving and the adventure of starting over in a new city, but then we had a hard time thinking of what city. Thats what led us to our current living situation…

We decided that if we could sell our house, we could travel the US to some of the cities we have always wanted to visit to decide if we would want to live there. Not only would I get this incredible journey with my family and experience all the ups and downs of travel with them, but we would get a better understanding of where we want to settle down. We might settle down in one of the cities we visit along the way, or we might come back and pick up right where we left off. Who knows how the end will turn out, but the journey will be worth it for all the memories we will make together!

So how do we make this work? We put the items we didn’t sell in storage and are taking our VW Atlas, which is packed to the brim with everything we need for the next 6 months. We are staying in hotels, vacation rentals and airbnbs along the way. I am homeschooling my daugther for the rest of the semester (which is a fun new adventure in itself)! My husband works from home so as long as he has his computer, we can work and live wherever.

I know traveling full time won’t always be sunshine and rainbows as we are leaving friends, babysitters and the familarity of our lives. I also know it will require A LOT of work on my part for the planning of it, unpacking and repacking at each destination, etc… but I am honestly so excited! I can’t wait to spend this quaility time with my kids before they grow up. I know not everyone will understand what we are doing, nor would it be a decision they would make. We waivered back and forth making sure we had the best interest of our kids in mind, and in the end we think this is the right decision for our family, and if not now, when?!? We agreed if at any point it isn’t working for us we will stop. But who knows, if we love this lifestyle, we might extend it even longer!

So I hope you will have fun following along on our journey with us as we travel the US!

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6 thoughts on “Why we are on a 6 month road trip of the USA with our young kids

  1. I love following your story! You and your family have inspired me to start traveling with our 1 & 3 year old. My husband and I loved travelling before children, but why stop and have to wait until they are grown to travel again!? So thank you for your journey. Our first stop will be Iceland for 10 days in August!!

    1. I love hearing this! Thank you so much!! It definitely has its challenges traveling with kids but the positives to me outweigh them! I am so excited for you and your trip to Iceland! We did 10 days there too! You are going to love it!! Be sure to check out our information on the blog about Iceland – hopefully it can help!

  2. Such a great story ! Thank you for sharing and look forward to photos and talk of your new adventures. Traveling is so fun but has its challenges with young kids!

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