Top 5 Essentials for a Successful Road Trip

Roadtrip essentials

Its that time again – the holidays! – which means for a lot of you  – lots of time spent on the road heading back home. For us, we have become quite accustomed to spending hours upon hours in the car. We started young and naive, making lots of stops and having a messy and disorganized car. I’d like to think we are somewhat pros now, and with that in mind, I wanted to share my top 5 essential items for a successful roadtrip.


One: Car Organizer

When we roadtrip with our kids, we bring an endless amount of stuff. From hand sanitizer and wipes to markers and crayons, we bring it all. My biggest pet peeve is when the car gets so messy you can even seen the floor. After a few roadtrips we learned our lesson and bought a car organizer. I like this one because if fits easily between the two seats and the kids can access it for their things. It helps keep us a little more organizer, which means I get to stay a little saner on these long drives!


Two: Cooler/Snacks

To minimize on the stops, we bring lots of water, snacks and candy. We only stop for full meals (lunch or dinner), so to hold the kids over until then, we pull from our stash. Candy is especially helpful when you need to stall them for just a little longer 🙂 We prefer a smaller cooler that can fit between the seats and we can access easily.


Three: TV/Electronic Game System

We cannot survive a roadtrip without the ability to play games or watch a movie on their devices. If you can go without screen time, more power to you, but it is just not within our cards. It is SO much more enjoyable for both us kids and parents. We chose to give our kids the Amazon Kindle Fire. It is incredibly affordable, it has an unbeatable 2 year replacement plan, and it does the job – kids can watch movies on it and download a plethora of fun and educational games.


Four: Headphones

Unless you want to hear the theme song to Paw Patrol on repeat, you need to outfit your little ones with their own headphones. For my 2 year old, I assumed he could keep them on his head by himself, but after having to turn around 5 times within one hour to put them back on his head, I gave up and just dealt with the theme song. Now, I ordered these headphones and I think they are the perfect solution to our problems! No more slipping headseat and no more frustrated mama! I can’t wait to try them out on the kids next month when we hit the road.



Five: Games/Toys

In addition to the screen time the kids get, I also like to bring some classic toys and games to occupy them in the car for those moments they do take their eyes of the screen. These are some of my favorite items:

  1. The Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Painting – perfect for your 2 – 4 year olds!
  2. Fat Brain Squigz Toys – they are fun for both my kids and stick great on the window
  3. Roadtrip Cards – my 6 year old loves finding things on the cards.
  4. Markers and Notepad – my daughter loves to draw and create pictures on her own
  5. Magnetic Doodleboard or Small Whiteboard – perfect for my toddler who can draw and erase easily

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