My 5 Favorite Toddler Toys

There are literally thousands of toys out there for toddlers, and while I feel like we have most of them (because my house is ALWAYS a mess), I have narrowed it down to our favorite ones that he seems to play the most with. Hopefully this will help anyone interested who needs to go from “Aunt” to “Cool Aunt” with some gift ideas 🙂


Ball of Whacks

This sounds crazy, but this might be one of his favorite toys. And I love it for the educational value, fair warning, you will be putting the pieces back together a lot so he can just throw it again! You can make it into a ball, or star, or come up with your own designs.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food

This is a great toy that he ACTUALLY SITS DOWN FOR! It is my go to when I need to get a few things done, as I can set up all on fruit on the table and it takes him about 10 minutes to cut it all. Plus, it helps with their dexterity using the knife. So a win for mom and a win for learning!

Basketball Hoop

My son loves basketball, so we needed an outdoor hoop and an indoor one. Whats great about this over the door one is it is adjustable height, so it can come really low to the ground for them right now, which is perfect. Plus, it saves space as it just goes over the door in our playroom. I swear this kid could shoot hoops all day if I let him!

Melissa & Doug Bricks

These bricks have become a fan favorite for both my kids. My 6 year old also loves to stack them to build forts. My two year old has found many uses for them – he walks on them, jumps over them, builds tower to knock down with his sword, and his favorite – to build a wall to hide behind. This is one of the few toys I can honestly say we literally play with everyday. Yes, they do take up some space, but I stack them next to a cabinet and only take up about 18 inches in width on the floor.

Tool Set

My son cannot go anywhere without his tools – he is obsessed! We bring them on all of our trips with us, that is how much he loves them! Whatever tool set you buy, make sure you have a wording drill that spins as that is by far his favorite. We bought a tool box kit and weren’t a fan of the drill, so we purchased this Bosch one separate. It is just like dads which makes it 10x better! And oh, it needs a tool box!





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