A Gender Neutral Playroom

Emmie was an only child for about 3 years, and whether we meant to or not, the playroom became an overkill of pink. Once Easton turned one, I decided it was time to level the playing field. I had a good base as the room was white & gray, I just needed to change the details. My goal was to spend a minimal amount of money and I had three necessary changes in mind: coral and teal for colors, I wanted a teepee tent, and replacing the pink PBKids chairs we had with neutral ones.  Luckily for me, Target and I were on the same wavelength and upon entering the store one day, it all came together!

The stars aligned and about a week after I decided to change the playroom, Target came out with their teal, navy and coral selection of cubbies, bins & storage solutions in the dollar section!! Talk about an aha moment! I snatched up the fabric & plastic bins for toy storage, a door hanging for play jewelry storage, and three shower caddies that I used for art storage.

When selecting the chairs, I turned to Target again and ordered these adorable teal and navy metal chairs at $40 each. I sold my 4 PBKids chairs for $100 for the set, so it worth it to buy new ones than deal with painting the existing chairs. The kids table was all white before, so I just painted the top of it gray for a different look.

When it came to the teepee, I wanted a white one with some cute trim or designs, but the ones on ETSY started around $150 and were smaller than I wanted. I came across a white one on amazon for $84 and new I could add to it. It was large, had a cute window, and came with free shipping so I was sold. To get it to what I wanted, I sewed on this adorable teal pom pom trim that I had extra of at my house. I hand stitched it while watching Homeland and one episode later, I was done!

For my wall decor, I added two designs, both using scrapbook paper in my colors I got from my local Michaels & Hobby Lobby. Be sure to get a variety of designs if you want to recreate this. For the circles on the wall, I used a craft punch in varying sizes (1″, 2″ and 3″) and stuck them to the wall using adhesive putty. I found that this doesn’t rip or ruin the paint if I want to remove them, and they have been up for over 6 months without one falling off so it’s safe to say it holds. The second design I created with the scrapbook paper was the kids names, and this one is definitely my favorite part of the new room! It turned out much cuter than expected. I did a DIY post on how to make them as it is very easy and fast to do.

The last items I bought for finishing touches were a some gray, teal and navy pillows for the teepee. I had a navy blanket from my old bedroom that worked perfect to help cushion the teepee floor.

When it is all say and done, I was able to convert our pink playroom to a fun and bright space for both my son and daughter for under $300. Here is the breakdown:

Teepee: $85

Chairs: $60 (after selling mine for $100)

Plastic storage bins: $40 ($5 each – thanks Target!)

Fabric pattern bins: $34 ($3 each for small, $5 for large)

Shower caddies I used for art storage: $15 (again…Target is amazing)

Hanging jewelry: $3

Letters: $40

Scrapbook Paper: $15

Pillows: $15 from Walmart


Not only is this mama pleased with the look and cost, but the kids loved the new design. See that beautiful picture where it is all clean and set up??>> Well 30 minutes later it was destroyed, and it has never looked that clean since!



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