Area Activities around Grandfather Mountain

If you are spending a weekend at Grandfather Mountain, (which you totally should!), the park can be done in a day (or less) in my opinion, so check out these other local spots to keep your kids busy and entertained!

Mast General Store

If your near Grandfather Mountain with young kids, you HAVE to hit the Mast General Store, or they will never forgive you. One whole section downstairs is dedicated solely to candy. It has barrels, literally barrels full of every candy you have ever heard of or haven’t even thought of –  wax lips, bit of honey, caramels, fun dip – just to name a few. My said upon entering “This is the best store I have ever been too!”. Best part is it’s cheap! She got a whole bag full for only $7, and she had the joy of walking around and choosing all the things she wanted to fill her bucket up.

Upstairs they house a bunch of hiking and camping gear, as well as some fun old toys that you had when you were a kid (sad to call them “old toys”). I grabbed some wooden pick up sticks for my kids (wink wink) and a Jacobs Ladder toy to reminisce.

About half a mile away is another branch of their store with yummy spreads and jams, old coke bottles, unique household decor and every more toys than your kids know what to do with. A highlight of the trip!

Too much candy for this little man to handle.

Gem Mining

A perfect activity for both boys and girls – digging through dirt to find precious stones! We spent one afternoon at The Greater Foscoe Mining Company and are so glad we did! We bought one big bucket for the whole family to share – which worked out perfect.

With young kids we went at a slow pace, taking the time to enjoy and look at the stones we sifted through. All in all, I would say it took about 45 minutes to an hour. After your get your stones, you take them to the front for cleaning and sorting. It’s helpful as they identify the stones and tape them to a chart for you to bring home. We found a lot of beautiful looking stones and two geodes.

Conveniently located next door to the mining facility is the Foscoe Jewelry store, where you can get your recent finds turned into beautiful jewelry. My daughter found a ruby stone, which is her birthstone, so we decided to have a necklace made. For about $80, they cut the stone and set it in the necklace and mailed it to us a week later. She wears it everyday!

Sifting through the dirt to find those precious stones!

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