Travel Before Kids & After Kids

I didn’t realize how easy it was to travel with friends or my husband before kids…but I do now that I have kids! No coordinating schedules, no planning around nap times, and a lot less luggage! And you got to do what you wanted, anytime. Yes it was blissful and amazing and I got to see and accomplish a lot…but what, just because I have kids now I am supposed to give up traveling? Heck no!

Traveling around the USA and the World is too great of a joy for me to give up. It is hard to explain how it makes me feel, but I will try… I love the anticipation of a trip and seeing something new. I love experiencing other cultures, scenery, food, weather and architecture. I love realizing how big this amazing planet is and how small we really are. I love being away from my comfort zone and discovering more about me and the people I travel with. I love the memories made, fears conquered and adventures to be had. It truly is what gives me the giddy in my step and keeps me excited for the future!

Whats great about traveling with kids, is you get to experience all that joy with your most precious people. Yes, there is a little more involved with schedules and you will be dragging more bags along, but watching their reactions to new places, things and foods, their priceless enthusiasm and energy and seeing them discover more about themselves makes it all worth it. It takes you away from the normal place of life that you can sometimes take for granted and lets you enjoy each other more!

Not to mention how great it is for them educationally! To actually see the Grand Canyon versus just reading about it in a book, to try and use their Spanish they are taught when ordering a meal, or to get to see how people live, celebrate and love Рit is an education that will hopefully develop them into more well rounded, patient, and caring individuals Рor at least that is my hope! Traveling abroad when I was in college for the first time was an eye opening and humbling experience РI can only imagine the positive effect it will have on my kids since we are starting young!

So yes, while I definitely enjoy some down time on a girls trip or some alone time relaxing or exploring with my husband, the trips I take with my kids are crazy awesome adventures that I love!

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